Seine Cruise

The first time I visited Paris, I was eager to make a cruise on the Seine, so I went for another stay in the city of love to remove the thorn in my heart.

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I booked the cruise at Travelzoo page, since at that time it had a promotion that allowed me to save a little money. The offer was including a cruise which lasts 75 minutes, a dinner and champagne for two people. The cruise company was Paris en Scene and it only costed 69 euro’s. Here is a link to the company’s webpage, So you can look for more information about the different kinds of cruises they offer.  Paris is a very touristic city, especially on Saturdas, so i called a couple of weeks before to validate the voucher and reserve a place on the cruise.

MY EXPERIENCE. – Paris nigthlights seduced me to the rhythm of the Seine-

At last the time has come, after a long day visiting the city of love, I was expecting a fantastic dinner. I took the subway in the Latin quarter, to Bir Hakeim station and walked towards Port de Grenelle, the place  from which the ship was leaving.

We sat at a table next to the window, from which we could admire the beautiful Paris night lights.

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The boat moved gracefully over the waters of the Seine while the waiter began to serve a great French champagne and an exquisite foie gras with marmalade to incoming mode.

While we were dining, we could see the Eiffel Tower illuminated and dotted with lights sizzling in the distance. From the waters of the Seine, I discovered a completely different perspective of the city.


Wonderful illuminated Parisian bridges, as the Alexandre III, charm and beautiful at night, with its illuminated statues recreated a seductive environment where light reflected in the water, creating a magical effect.

The waiter served us the main dish, (a piece of chicken with basmati rice and vegetables) but I was hypnotized savoring the scenery.

pollo basmati crucero sena

In front of me, the spectacular view of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where the gargoyles seemed to greet on the heights and the Christmas Fir perfectly adorned, were the finishing touch to frame that magical moment.

Slowly the boat turned around to bring us back where we started and thereby slowly bringing me back to reality.

Desserts began to serve and from my small table, I enjoyed my sweet chocolate, feeling Paris dancing in my eyes.

Note: During the cruise, the staff was very friendly and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the good service. My expectations for the food were lower, I expected a menu of less quality. I enjoyed a good meal while the beauty of Paris nigthlights seduced me to the rhythm of the Seine.

I hope that many of you will enjoy the cruise with the same enthusiasm that I had while having this experience. Enjoy with disfrutamiruta The “I love you wall” and say i love you in 300 lenguages.

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The “I love you” wall. How to say I LOVE YOU in 300 languages.

The “I love you” wall – Lovers wall. 

When you think of Paris it’s inevitable to think about love, it is the place where all the lovers want to go and the Eiffel Tower is its greatest icon. But, in a small hidden spot in the District of Montmartre, you can find “LE MUR DES JE T’AIME” or the “I love you” wall.

i love you wall paris

I love the history of this wall and I want to share it with everyone, so that you can understand why this wall is so special to me.

The wall its creator, Frédéric Baron, began to collect “I love you notes”, asking people to write “I love you” in their native language on a piece of paper that he gave them. He wanted to travel around the world with this phrase, without leaving Paris, and he succeeded. He came to collect more than a 1,000 “I love you notes”, in more than 300 languages and dialects.


He contacted the artist Claire Kito, specialist in oriental calligraphy, who conducted the calligraphy of the work.

Together they made this beautiful project, which in my opinion quite rightly advocates the love between people, cultures, countries and religions.

To me, it’s a symbol of love and unity, which breaks with the concept of a separating wall, creating a wall of tolerance and respect, a wall that separates, but also unites.


You can visit it for free at place des Abbesses, district of Montmartre.

Interesting notes:

– the I love you wall measures 10×4 meters and comprises 612 21×29,7 cm tiles, exactly the extent of the role that Baron used to make people write “I love you” in their language.
– More than 50,000 copies of an “I love you” book are published, this book is distributed for free in Paris.

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